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your boat suitable for families?
• Is your boat suitable for day trips and/or overnights?
• Recommend what can be seen or visited (islands, beaches, sightseeing, restaurants etc.)
• List any activities that you provide or recommend

Enjoy the charms of life at sea on a

3 day cruise

Embark upon a boating holiday with an

experienced crew

Join other travelers on board an exciting

group tour

Take your better half on a lovely boat

vacation for couples

Book your

island transfer

for a quick and easy getaway.


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Fuel fee: included in daily trips, not included in overnight and halfday trips
Port fees: Only included in half/full day trips
Cancelation policy: Green



FULL DAY DIVING • 8 hours / €120


Fishing set
€34 / per booking
Pjero Kusijanovic
Hello there!
My name is Pjero

Dubrovnik, Croatia
About me:
I love sailing, summer and swimming :)
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