Sara Matic

Classy 2 cabin motor yacht

Join us for a sunny summer day boat trip around Croatia's gorgeous coast!

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A beautiful motor yacht, fully equipped for your perfect daily excursions. Suitable for smaller groups, this intimate yacht provides all you need to enjoy the lovely crystal clear seas.

Go island hopping around the Adriatic, stop for a few dives, enjoy a relaxing day or simply cruise around as you please.

With an experienced skipper to accompany you at sea, we'll make sure you visit all of those 'must see' spots!

Feel the essence of summer on board a relaxing

day cruise

Enjoy the charms of life at sea on a

3 day cruise


island hopping

and explore numerous beaches, bays or caves.


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Fuel fee: not included
Port fees: Only included in half/full day trips
Cancelation policy: Green


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