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ABOUT is an online boating community that eases the boat booking process for travellers and private boat owners. We help private boat owners and travellers get in contact with one another, allowing travellers to safely book boats online. welcomes private boat owners who want to rent out their boat, travellers looking for their ideal boating holidays, and anyone who enjoys being part of a boating community.
Sing up for free at using your email or Facebook account.
Our community includes boats of all types and sizes - from sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and yachts, to jet skies, rib boats and speedboats. Because of the diversity in our community, travellers can find boat transfer services, half day and full day boat tours, and overnight boat trips. connects you to private boat owners, creating direct communication between yourself and the boat owner. We provide an easy to use search platform with several filters that speed up the process of finding just the right boat for your needs. Once you’ve found your boat, will facilitate a safe payment transaction, and guarantee you get your money back in case something goes wrong.

YOUR BOAT welcomes all sailboats, motorboats, catamarans, speedboats, rib boats, jet skies and yachts. There are no restrictions on and boats from all over the world are welcome to join our community. Joining our community is free.
To add your boat to our community, you first have to create a profile on
Once you have created a profile, click on Add my boat and follow the set up process. Our quick and easy set up process will guide you through setting up your boat’s details, location, photos, trip types, prices and availability. You can choose between renting your boat for transfers, half day or full day tours, and/or overnight trips.
Legal requirements for renting a private boat vary from country to country. While does not regulate these requirements, it is important to understand how the law works in your country. Some cities have laws that restrict your ability to rent your boat for short periods or overnight trips. The most frequent case is that you will need to change your private boat registration into a charter boat registration, or attain a commercial rental license. In many cities, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before you can legally rent out your boat. We urge all private boat owners to check the requirements with their local authorities. allows both crewed and bareboat trip types. The choice is entirely up to you! During the boat set up process, you will be given the choice to rent your boat ‘with a skipper’, ‘without a skipper’, or ‘with or without a skipper’.
If you rent your boat with a skipper, you will be given the choice to include the skipper in your price or set up additional skipper fees.
To change your settings follow these steps:
1. Log into your account and click on My boats
2. Click on Pricing and Availability next to the boat you want to edit
3. Select Trip types from the top menu.
4. Next to each active trip type, choose whether the skipper is included or not included in the price. If the skipper is not included in the price, define the additional cost. Remember to save any changes.
Trip types are added during the initial boat set up process, but can always be modified when needed:
1. Log into your account and click on My boats.
2. Click on Pricing and Availability next to the boat you want to edit.
3. Click on Trip Settings above the calendar.
Tick the check box to activate the desired trip type and remember to save any changes.
Boat transfers are added during the initial boat set up process, but can always be modified when need:
1. Log into your account and click on My boats.
2. Click on Edit boat next to the boat you want to edit.
3. Select Transfers from the left hand menu.
4. Tick the check box next to ‘My boat is available for transfers’ and fill out the required information to activate boat transfers. Remove the tick from the check box to deactivate boat transfers. Remember to save any changes.
1. Log into your account and click on My boats.
2. Click on edit boat next to the boat you want to edit.
3. Select Cancelation Policy from the left hand menu.
Tick the check box next to the cancelation policy you want to activate and remember to save any changes.
1. Log into your account and click on My boats.
2. Click on pricing and availability next to the boat you want to edit.
3. Select the start and end dates in the right hand menu.
4. To edit full day and overnight availability, select the whole day option from the drop down menu. To edit half day availability, select half day morning or half day afternoon from the drop down menu.
5. To open dates, select Available and enter your price. To close dates select Not available. Remember to save any changes.

Please note, pricing and availability can only be edited for half day and full day tours, and overnight trips.
Creating a profile and adding your boat is free. Boat owners only incur fees when they confirm a reservation. For each confirmed reservation, will charge 7% of your boat trip’s cost. Fees are used to cover payment processing costs and marketing costs that bring travellers worldwide to our website, and to your boat.
Here are a few tips to make your boat stand out and attract new bookings:

1. Upload beautiful photos of all indoor and outdoor spaces on your boat. Give travellers an idea of what a holiday on your boat looks like and be sure to include photos of the destination.
2. Answer all inquiries as soon as possible! The first to respond is usually the one who gets the reservation.
3. Avoid unwanted inquiries by making sure your availability calendar is up to date. Make it easier for travellers to find you when you’re available.
4. Create discounts and packages to interest all types of travellers: couples, active adventurers, family & friends!

If you would like to have one of our experts review your boat setup and give you personalized tips, please contact us at
For every confirmed booking, will transfer your earning to your bank account within 48 hours from when the traveller boards your boat.
Travellers can only be contacted once they have made the first contact with you. To contact a traveller that previously contacted you, go to your Inbox.
For any additional help, or advice on how to optimize your boat set up, contact us at


If you need more information about a boat, contact the boat owner through the link ‘Contact owner’ on their profile or on their boat profile. You can also send a message to the owner, along with your booking request. Booking requests make it easier for boat owners to help you, as they receive information about which boat you’re interested in, the trip type and the dates.
Boat transfers are just like taxis – but on water! They can be used to take you from the mainland to the islands, or in between islands. Filter your search by ‘boat transfers’ to find all boats that have this option available. Send the boat owner more information about your transfer time and details through a message, to ease your boat transfer booking.
Half day and full day boat trips are usually predefined tours of the surrounding coast and islands. Hald day trips usually last 4 hours and are a great way to spend the morning or afternoon at sea. Full day trips usually last 8 hours and give you more time to for activities and exploring the islands and beaches. Filer your search by ‘half day trips’ or ‘full day trips’ to find all boats that have these trip types available.
On an overnight trip your boat is your mobile home. You can spend a few nights, a whole week or even longer, cruising the coast and islands. Boats that are available for overnight trips provide spaces to sleep, and usually a bathroom, shower and kitchenette. Filter your search by ‘overnight trips’ to find all boats that have this trip type available.
Crewed boat trips include a skipper/captain that is capable of maneuvering the boat. Upon request, some boats can even provide a cook or a hostess as part of the crew. These trips are perfect for those who do not have a boat license, or for those who want to enjoy a carefree holiday at sea.
Bareboat trips do not include a skipper/captain or crew. Some boat owners may require evidence of a skipper/captain license before they approve a bareboat rental.
Filter your search by ‘crewed trips’ to find boats with a skipper, or by ‘bareboat trips’ to find a boat that can be rented without one.
If you decide to cancel a confirmed reservation, fees will apply according to the cancellation policy agreed upon when the reservation was made. Upon canceling a reservation, you will not receive a refund of’s service fees, regardless of what cancellation policy is applied.
In cases where the boat owner decides to cancel a reservation, you will receive a full refund, including’s service fees.
For any additional help with your account, reservations or other, feel free to contact us at


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